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A B O U T  U S


Isn't it...

...funny how you go through life not knowing what tomorrow will hold and then BAM, out of nowhere, here comes opportunity knocking down your door and before you know it, you're swimming in cash and ready to retire on a yacht somewhere in the Caribbean?  Well, that's not at all how we started (LOL).

My name is Brandon Wiggins and I am the founder and CEO of Wi-Tek Technology & Marketing Solutions, LLC.  Not only am I a proud entrepreneur but I am also a proud husband (to a super hot entrepreneur!), father, and just an all-around ordinary guy.  I like my coffee sweet, I'm a die-hard sports fanatic, and love dropping off and picking up my son from school each and every day.  Oh, the joys of life!  When I'm not sitting in front of a computer (which seems like never these days lol), I'm probably somewhere making people laugh and getting the most I can out of life.


What started 15 years ago as a one-off "yeah sure, I'll do hard could it be?" flyer job for my church has now grown into the multi-faceted business you see before you today.  However, we are definitely not ones to despise humble beginnings.  I mean, everyone has to start somewhere, right?  So after years of experience and honing our craft, today we're proud to offer services that can help boost your business and brand as well as effectively spread the word about you, your ministry, or your event.  We believe that graphics design is not just the ability to grab a template and create a logo or flyer but an opportunity to connect with someone's thought process, the way they operate, and the ability to see their vision through their personal lens.  It's that belief that makes us unique.  So, whether you're in the pre-planning stages or 48 hours away from go-time, we can help!  Contact us today!

Your Vision, Our Solution.

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